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At Original Fusion we believe that cookery equals culinary art. Blending of the great Emirati heritage with various European dishes makes us a cosmopolitan, „soul food” acropolis. Imagine a world where all your five senses fuse to set out on an unforgettable gustatory tour. With the most hypnotic melodies in the background, we will ensure you live out a unique eating experience.

Excellent dining is the best way to bring people closer together and strengthen intimate or work relations. However, there is so much more to offer when it comes to this joint pastime. The show goes on every night to impress you with diverse visionary and auditory performances.

Let us entertain you.
Scent by all means can make the most potent effects on our senses. These can be either direct and immediate, or subtle and delayed, taking us on imaginary journeys. We achieve these impacts by using the most varied spices for preparing our fused meals.

Traditional UAE cuisine rates highly the piquant aroma of saffron, green cardamom seeds, and thyme, the indispensable ingredient of every Arabic kitchen. Yet we tend to utilize diverse herbs to open up a door to a continent-
overarching experience.